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Personal data and cookies

Siblu France, a ‘société par actions simplifiée’ (simplified joint-stock company) with a capital of €2 819 200, registered with the Bordeaux RCS (French business register) under the number 321 737 736,  the main office of which is situated at: Europarc - 10 avenue Léonard de Vinci, 33600 PESSAC (hereafter referred to as ‘siblu’), is committed to ensuring that the collection of personal data from cookies generated on the site http://www.marestang.com is in line with current regulation, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 and the French ‘Information et Libertés’ law (Data Protection Act).   

The website siblu.com includes forms which aim to gather your data for precisely-determined purposes (for example, if you wish to receive information about buying a mobile home). In accordance with the principle of minimisation, each form limits the collection of personal data to that which is strictly necessary and expressly states:

For more information about or to exercise your Data Protection rights in terms of siblu’s handling of personal data or to exercise your rights, you can consult the page Your Data Protection Rights or contact siblu’s data protection officer (DPO):

About cookies

Through the site http://www.marestang.com we use various cookies for a range of purposes specified below.


Cookies are small text, image or program files which are situated and stored on your computer, your smartphone and any other internet-browsing device when you visit a website. Cookies allow a website to recognize you, to note your visits to certain pages, and to use this information to offer you additional services: improved ease of browsing, a more secure connection, and page content which is adapted to be more in line with your interests. 

The information which is stored by cookies, during a limited time period, refers particularly to the pages you have visited, the advertisements you have clicked on, the type of browser you are using, your IP address, and the details you have submitted to a site (to prevent you from having to resubmit them).

Types of cookies

The main cookies generated on the site siblu.com are:   

These cookies are essential to your browsing as they allow for the optimisation of our site and give you access to certain specific features.

Name of cookie


Cookie Siblu SIBCo

Ability to track requests made via forms

Tunnel de réservation Maxxton

Maintaining the session during the online reservation process

Compte client Maxxton

Maintaining the session during viewing of a client account

Google Maps

Displaying services that allow visitors to see the location of the villages and plan their journey

This refers to cookies that allow us to see how our site is performing and to establish statistics about the volume of traffic and the use of various elements of our sites (content visited, route taken). These cookies allow us to improve the relevance and the ergonomics of our services (the most visited pages or sections of the site, the most-read articles, etc.). Cookies also allow us to keep track of the number of visitors to a page and to detect any potential anomalies in a site’s functioning.   

Name of cookie


Adobe Analytics

Site audience and ergonomics, detecting potential issues  

Google Analytics

Audience measurement

Google tag Manager

Implementing measurement tools

Cookie Siblu SIBCo

Internal statistical tools

In order to make your browsing experience more relevant to you, we use the following cookies. This technology allows you to receive adverts adapted to your interests as you browse. 

Name of cookie


Google Analytics

Audiences used by Google Adwords

Google Tag Manager

Statistical data via Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Generation of traffic to our sites


Generation of traffic to our sites

Bing (bat.bing.com) (.bing.com)

Generation of traffic to our sites

Critéo (criteo.com)

Generation of traffic to our holiday sales sites

Outbrain (.outbrain.com)

Generation of traffic to our sites


Generation of traffic to our holiday sales sites


Generation of  traffic to our sites

Padiact (.padiact.com, oracle.padiact.com)

Internal emails at Siblu

Vacances Location Express

Generation of traffic to our holiday sales sites

Google Analytics

Audiences used by Google Adwords

Name of cookie


Livechat (siblu.de/siblu.nl)

Electronic communication

Cookie Siblu SIBCo_ (for internal web statistical tools in our contact database)

Internal electronic communication (siblu cookies for our audience tools)

The website siblu.com includes features which make use of services offered by third-party sites. These features make use of cookies which allow these sites to track your browsing.

Name of cookie


Addthis (which is going to be replaced by a ‘lighter’ version, without Javascript and cookiese)

Social media share buttons

Facebook (www.facebook.com)

Social media share buttons 

Nature of the data collected

The IP address will be collected during the use of cookies generated on our site.

Configuration of cookies

You can modify the use of your cookies by going to the help menu in your browser programme. We invite you to follow the link which corresponds to your browsing programme:

For mobile devices, you can consult the following links:

For more information and control  of all cookies, not only those on our site, we invite you to consult the website Youronlinechoices, put together by the French Interactive Advertising Office (IAB), in particular the ‘Your Ad Choices’ page.

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